Scouts Against Malaria

Scouts Against Malaria was launched in the International Café at the Gilwell reunion 2015.

Scouts Against Malaria is a multi-county initiative to raise money to purchase insecticide impregnated malaria nets for distribution in Africa.

By raising money through the UK challenge badge scheme we can provide impregnated mosquito nets for distribution by African Scouts, who will be trained to educate the local population in the correct use of the nets.

The challenge badge can only be  gained by participation in a number of activities. To achieve the badge each person will need to have completed the following malaria themed activities:

  • Understand the nature and severity of malaria, the illness, especially in young children.
  • Understand how malaria is contracted.
  • Understand how malaria can be prevented.
  • Help to raise funds to reduce the incidence of malaria. This will include the purchase of impregnated mosquito nets and may also include the provision of material to educate people about malaria.
  • Learn a little about Scouting in any country where malaria is common.

See the links section for details of the Badge